WWII Family History Signal Corps Network Facilitates Decoration of WWI American Indian Soldiers’ Graves in France

In this centennial period of World War I I have been following WWI related Facebook groups because my late maternal grandfather Philip Lovetere served in WWI.

Among the sites I have been following is the World War I Native American Warriors. They posted a request for help in decorating of the graves of two American Indian soldiers, Private Frank Coon and Private First Class Oscar Tiger, buried in St Mihiel American Cemetery in France for Memorial Day, 2017.

Private Frank Cook and PFC Oscar Tiger
(LEFT) Private Frank Coon was a member of the Cherokee tribe from Oklahoma. He died of disease on August 29, 1918. This photo of Frank Coon is the first and only photo his descendants had even seen of him.

(RIGHT) Private First Class Oscar Tiger was a member of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation from Oklahoma. He died of disease on November 2, 1918.

Both served in the 141st Infantry Regiment, 36th Division.

I forwarded the request to Georges and Lilane Dennebouy of St. Malo France.

Georges and Lily were among the researchers and organizers of the memorial in Tamerville, Normandy to the 3110th Signal Service Battalion in which my late father Felix A. Cizewski served in Company C and other units.

Organizers and Researches of Tamerville Memorial
Researchers and organizers of the memorial to the 3110th Signal Service Battalion and other units in Tamerville France.

FIRST ROW, FIRST ON THE LEFT: Lilane Dennebouy. BACK ROW, THIRD FROM RIGHT: Georges Dennebouy.

On my family history blog and website, I reported that unit morning reports documented that Felix and Company C deployed to Tamerville on July 26, 1944.

Georges Dennebouy found that and contacted me.

That documentation was used to memorialized the 3110th in Tamerville.

Memorial Plaque
Memorial plaque to the 3110th Signal Service Battalion and other units on the entrance to the Tamerville cemetery.

The section about the 3110th is on the bottom center. PDF of the Tamerville memorial plaque. Zoom in the bottom center to read the 3110th’s section.

As I worked with George and Lily we became friends I learned of their interest in, respect for, and appreciation of American Indian life and culture.

Their work in honoring WWII Americans who liberated Normandy and their respect of American Indian life and culture is why I forwarded to them the request to decorate the WWI Native American soldiers graves in France.

Georges Dennebouy had a florist near St. Mihiel American Cemetery place flowers on both graves on May 28, 2017.

Decorated Graves
The photo of Frank Coon’s (LEFT) decorated grave has been shared with his descendants through the the World War I Native American Warriors Facebook Group.

The WWI Native American Warriors continues to search for Oscar Tiger’s (RIGHT) relatives.

2017 photo by Le Roman Fleuri, Saint-Mihiel

When World War I Native American Warriors asked for assistance we activated our international network of relationships we have developed through our WWII Signal Corps family history work.

Because of that two American Indian WWI soldiers were remembered on Memorial Day, 2017 by both the American people whom they served and the people of France whom they defended.


World War I

World War One Centennial Commission

World War I Native American Warriors.

Philip Lovetere Company C, 1st Battalion, 64th Infantry Regiment, 14th Infantry Brigade of the 7th Infantry Division. Leonard Cizewski maternal grandfather.

St Mihiel American Cemetery

Le Roman Fleuri, Florist in Saint-Mihiel, France.

World War II: Tamerville and the Signal Corps

Additions to Felix & Normandy for the 65th Anniversary of D-Day: Leonard Cizewski’s father Felix A. Cizewski, Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion. Family history blog post.

Northern France: 3110th Signal Service Battalion in Tamerville.

Tamerville Memorial Plaque

Tamerville Ceremony: Leonard Cizewski’s Remark

Link: https://unofficialsignalcorpsarchive.wordpress.com/2017/06/23/decorated2017


Ground Line Teams, Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion


Ground Line Teams, Camp Wood, New Jersey,February 8, 1944:

Back row:

2nd from the right: Wilbert H. Hansen.

3rd from the right: Warren J. Martin.

Others in the photo: John G. Artie, Samuel Goodman, George H. Kiester, Albert L. Lewis, Bert Markowitz, Floyd C. Milhouse, George R. Miller, Andrew W. Morvay, Loring Pingley, Harold Powell, Harold E. Quinley, John B. Rada, Jr., Laurence M. Slack, Harold K. Sullivan, Rich W. Wang.

The son of Warren J. Martin shared this photo of his father in the Ground Line Team of Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion.

Wilbert H. Hansen is in the photo. His sons have contributed photos and information about their father’s service in Company C.

Company C was the battalion’s Open Wire Repair Section with pole and wire responsibilities including construction and maintenance.

All members of the Ground Line Teams are listed on the roster attached to the Company’s July 14, 1944 Morning Report.

That documents that they were in the company when it deployed to Normandy and served in Tamerville and Valognes in July and August, 1944.

Links, sources, and more information:

3110th Signal Service Battalion INDEX: Includes links to details of the 2014 honoring of the 3110th in Tamerville.

Company C Ground Line Teams: Includes links to the July 14, 1944 Company Morning Report with roster.

Shortlink: http://wp.me/p5ZvuU-2N