Ground Line Teams, Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion


Ground Line Teams, Camp Wood, New Jersey,February 8, 1944:

Back row:

2nd from the right: Wilbert H. Hansen.

3rd from the right: Warren J. Martin.

Others in the photo: John G. Artie, Samuel Goodman, George H. Kiester, Albert L. Lewis, Bert Markowitz, Floyd C. Milhouse, George R. Miller, Andrew W. Morvay, Loring Pingley, Harold Powell, Harold E. Quinley, John B. Rada, Jr., Laurence M. Slack, Harold K. Sullivan, Rich W. Wang.

The son of Warren J. Martin shared this photo of his father in the Ground Line Team of Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion.

Wilbert H. Hansen is in the photo. His sons have contributed photos and information about their father’s service in Company C.

Company C was the battalion’s Open Wire Repair Section with pole and wire responsibilities including construction and maintenance.

All members of the Ground Line Teams are listed on the roster attached to the Company’s July 14, 1944 Morning Report.

That documents that they were in the company when it deployed to Normandy and served in Tamerville and Valognes in July and August, 1944.

Links, sources, and more information:

3110th Signal Service Battalion INDEX: Includes links to details of the 2014 honoring of the 3110th in Tamerville.

Company C Ground Line Teams: Includes links to the July 14, 1944 Company Morning Report with roster.



2 thoughts on “Ground Line Teams, Company C, 3110th Signal Service Battalion

  1. Hello, my name is Terry Miller, and I have an interesting find. I bought a Revere 8mm camera from eBay. In the view eye piece, I found a rolled up note.  The paper is a strip torn from note book paper. The note says “809 troops of not are coming in”.  Don’t know if the message was to warn or to encourage the person or persons intended like maybe a hide out or a camp.  One thing for sure, it didn’t get delivered. The camera is American made, manufactured in the ’30s.  It was sold at an estate sale in East Springfield, Ohio. Could ‘not’ have been a code name?  I think it’s nice piece of war mystery history. Please let me know what you can find out about this find.
    Sincerely, Terry


    • Hi Terry,

      I have sent you an invitation to join our Facebook Group.

      WHen you do I will repost your question on it and I will also share it with at least one other WWII Signal Corps Facebook Group who may be able to help.

      I am the author of this blog and co-administrator of our affiliated Facebook Group. My late father served in the SIgnal Corps in Europe in WWII.

      Stay in touch.




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